A Little About Me

Hello All! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

My name is Cheyenne Stevens (Chy for short).

I am here to help you with your busy life, provide tips and tricks as I come across them, and hopefully provide a great place to have your questions answered.


Classic busy girl selfie in the car.


A Little More About Me

I’m currently working a full-time job, getting my Bachelor’s degree as a full-time student, and {trying} to keep my household running smoothly. Oh, I also have a BIG goal of losing 90 pounds in one year! Whoo…I’m tired just from typing that



I enjoy reading and relaxing when I get the chance. I’m also into “at home spa days”. They’re fun and easier on the old wallet.


I hope to finish my degree in 2018 and take a trip back to Europe. I went to Ireland in 2015 and absolutely fell in love with traveling and the European culture in general.


Ireland 2015 – Cliffs of Moher



I am a very happy Mrs. to this handsome guy. My husband, Tyler, and I have been married since November of 2015 but we have been together a total of 9 years this year (basically we are an old married couple!). He is my rock and number one fan. I’ve never found the saying, “every strong woman has a good man standing beside her”, to be so true as I have with him.



Again, thank you so much for stopping by.

I sincerely look forward to the many posts to come!